Four Blog SEO Techniques that attract more Traffic

It is an extremely challenging task to push your site ranking up, whether you are a newbie at the blog game or an old hat doing this for years. Yet, with a little bit of persistence and a few SEO techniques, it is possible to go one up on your competition and stay there.

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Syspree is a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai and follows the below mentioned SE techniques to draw more traffic and push rankings higher.

Let us see what they are:

Content is mandatory:

Though it is like stating the obvious, it has become mandatory to write interesting and engaging blogs. Your users will come back for more only when they find your blogs compelling enough and well-researched that will help them solve their problems. Links will flow in and your ranks will go up organically if you create content that is trust-worthy and original. You can expect readers to queue up at your website if your content is worth reading.


Since it is difficult to come up with fresh content every time, here’s what you can do:

  • Browse through the internet
  • ·Check what the competition is doing
  • Check what’s trending on social media
  • Make use of content tools for article ideas
  • Recycle your content

Keywords are the “key”:

Single words, phrases or terms that a web user will type in search engines are known as keywords. To make your content visible, it is necessary to have all the relevant keywords on your website. To do this, it is necessary to know which keywords have a higher traffic flow and the language your audience uses to type their query. Keyword tools like Wordtracker, Longtail Pro and SEMrush are leading tools that will help you to do this.


Include Images in your content:

Imagine a holiday without fun, a website development team without a graphic designer or a Hollywood movie without drama. Not having images in the content will have a similar impact and is one of the most vital components apart from the text.


Images help the user to connect instantly to the subject and pour life into the text. However, it is important to add high resolution and captivating images that will match your textual content and help in an easy illustration of the topic in question.

Make content sharing easy:

When social media accounts and other websites link to your blog, it not only pushes the ranking higher but also brings in more visitors to your website. Add buttons of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other leading social media platforms to make sharing quick and easy.


Apart from the above, writing a good Meta description to your blog, making effective use of webmaster tools, linking to high-ranking web sites and adding unique content to your Category pages are also recommended. Using these techniques will help to give your rankings a boost but this won’t happen overnight so stay focused and work diligently to make things work. Soon,you shall reach the target you set out to achieve. All the Best!

Readers will learn why quality content plays a vital role in drawing organic traffic and how simple yet effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can be implemented with ease.

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